Special Topic Int/Advanced Argentine Tango Classes
Special Topics for Intermediate and Advanced Tango Dancers

Saturdays, 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Studio 1 (check in at 7th floor desk)
  • Prerequisite - One year of tango experience or equivalent
  • If you are comfortable dancing tango socially, you can do this class
  • Emphasis on Connection, Technique, Dynamics and Musicality
  • 5-hour validated parking in the building. Take elevator to 7th floor
  • No partner needed, singles welcome, drop ins welcome
  • Open to the public; Honolulu Club membership not required (Google Maps)
  • This class does not run during Tango Bootcamps
  • For more info contact George (808) 721-2123 - call or text
Cost: $15+tax/person or $10 Tango Bucks - includes the practica and 5-hours validated parking

8:30pm-10:30pm IslaTango Saturday Night Practica
$8 or $5 Tango Bucks (free with class)

Music in tandas by tango deejay - contemporary and traditional
Bring your favorite refreshment
Studio 1
Honolulu Club
932 Ward Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96822

Tango Bucks is a discount program eligible for purchase after taking any one-month series package - ie. Absolute Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced. Sold in $50 packets of ten credits, two credits can purchase any $15 class, one credit purchases an $8 practica. Available at the 7th floor desk. Good for 60 days.