How do I ask for a dance?
  • There is a charming, face-saving convention called "Cabeceo" (Ka-Bay-Say-Oh, originating in Argentina but used in many dance communities), which involves making eye contact. The asker raises the eyebrows and/or makes a subtle head nod toward the dance floor.  The responder answers "yes" by smiling and nodding back, or "no" by refusing further eye contact. 
  • At most Milongas worldwide, especially in Buenos Aires, this is the ONLY way to ask for a dance, unless you are sitting at the same table.
  • We discourage walking up to someone, confronting them, reaching towards or grabbing someone, and asking "Would you like to dance?".
  • It's OK for either gender to ask someone of either gender for a dance.
  • Wait for the cortina, or interlude, to Cabeceo your potential dance partner.