George Garcia has been teaching and performing dance for more than twenty-five years. Being in continual demand, he has taught at Tango festivals such as Portland’s Tangofest; Tango at Sea; and Las Vegas Tango. Most recently, George was a featured performer in the 2006 World Tango Festival in Japan, where George was also a judge in the annual competition. George is well known for his clear and precise teaching as well as his exquisite and elegant style of tango. George is a DVIDA National Examiner, the highest level of professional in the USA. He stars in Dance Vision USA’s 20-volume Ultimate Argentine Tango instructional DVD series.

George has studied with several of the Tango world’s finest master teachers, being most influenced by the late, great Carlos Gavito. His incredible balance, timing and grace under pressure have been honed over the years by his mastery of a multitude of sporting pursuits including skateboarding, surfing, cycling, motocross racing, triathlons, racquetball, golf, combat pistol shooting, and fencing. George is the founder of IslaTango in Honolulu, where he presents his innovative semi-annual Argentine Tango Boot Camp. In Hawaii’s fast-growing Tango community, George is the host and DJ of the IslaTango milongas.

How We Teach

Maestro George Garcia teaches traditional elements for the leader and follower by establishing a tango vocabulary for the student that combines logical movements with strong musical connection with one’s partner.

“If you can walk, you can learn to tango.”

George can be reached at:
(808) 721-2123

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